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I hate waking up early in the morning. I woke up at 7:30 this morning. Went to my classes, then it started raining. My friend picked me up and a bunch of my friends and I went to the mall. I bought some cute black shorts and a cheetah shirt and some black shoes, and my friend bought a shirt and a wallet.

                We then went to Publix to get some groceries, and we ran into our other friends.  I bought cheese and milk. I want to make some yummy tacos. Once I got home I made the most amazing quesadilla. It had pepper jack cheese and was fried really well in butter. It was so good I really want another one. I also ate some cookie dough which is also amazing.

                I have been working out a lot so I can eat my yummy cookie dough.   I work out at the Santa Fe gym.  A couple days ago I went to the gym and once I was done working out I went to get my ID and told them my name. I got home that night and was cooking and went to grab my ID then saw it wasn’t my name. I called the gym and returned the girls ID today, and got mine back.

                I miss Jacksonville. I went last week and loved it. I loved being with my family, and my boyfriend, and all of my friends. Once I got to Jacksonville I went to the hospital with my mom and my sister. My sister was having really bad chest pains. I went to a surprise party for one of my friends. The best part was sleeping on MY BED! I missed it so much. I love my bed. It’s super comfy and big and soft, and has amazing pillows and a comforter. I also loved my mom taking me out to eat at all my favorite places like Sonny’s, Buca, and Ale house.  I really love food, its amazing. Sonny’s BBQ, OMG! There pulled pork, and corn nuggets I could eat all day. And Ale House’s chicken nachos!!!!! And Buca just has awesome Italian food.

                This weekend I saw “the family”. It was a good movie.  It’s crazy how families can live their life being in the mafia, or having “gangster daddies”. I would be so dang scared. But it was an awesome movie. I suggest you watch it!


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Today I went to school at 9.  I hate waking up early.  I had math for 2 hours, and then I had my speech class. It’s Tuesday so I am going clubbing again. I am doing all of my homework now and my stupid internet did not work.  I had to go drive to my friends house with all my stuff, and before I left some worker guys came and fixed my fan because the light switch does not work, and I am short and cannot reach the fan, so they put a longer string on my fan.


This weekend I am FINALLY going back to Jacksonville for the first time since I have moved here, and I am pretty excited about that. I get to see my family and all my friends which I am pretty excited about. I have lived at my mom’s house my whole life. 


Yesterday I had the BIGGEST KNOT in my hair. It was so huge. I had so much of my amazing conditioner and 2 hours of brushing the knot out. It was terrible.  I finally ended up getting my knot out. Whenever I had super blonde hair, I could NEVER brush my hair. It would always take me 30-60 minutes to get the knots out of my hair. I was told by my hairdresser that it’s because blonde hair has no molecules on the strands.


I seriously hate how hot it is. I cannot wait for the perfect weather to come!  I want to wear jeans and not be sweating, because if I wear shorts to class then I freeze. And jeans are just my favorite.   Out of all my clothes I definitely have the most of jeans.  The winter is to cold though, so this perfect fall weather needs to hurry up and come.

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What I am doing


Right now I am sitting on my couch lonely because my roommates are still in school. I made some nacho cheese goldfish macaroni, and sadly it’s disgusting. And I am really hungry, eating this terrible macaroni.  My two best friends are coming down to see me today. One lives in Orlando and goes to UCF and the other one is in Jacksonville.  We are going to go clubbing tonight! Until then I will be very bored!!!!!! When they get here we are going to go through all our clothes and find the cutest things to wear, and do our hair and makeup.

I live in an apartment so me and the people below me have this thing where whenever I stomp really hard they come to my door, or if they bang on their ceiling they need us. It comes in handy. At my old apartment we would just do the same concept except go on our balconies and talk to each other like that. This apartment has the balconies screened in so we have to meet at our doors.

My macaroni was so disgusting I just threw it away. Now I am eating Pringles because I am very hungry. I am going to eat at Moe’s later with my best friend. Moe’s is the most amazing place to eat at.

In my speech class we have to do a speech on “how to” do anything, and I really want to do it on how to do a back handspring. My only problem is that I can’t do a back handspring and make a speech and teach at the same time, so I need someone to spot and demonstrate on but I don’t know anyone that knows how to do one. I guess I just have to come up with something else unfortunately.

Now I am just waiting to become unbored, and listening to a bunch of girls that locked themselves out of their house.

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The life of Kendall

Hi I am Kendall and I love to do gymnastics. This is my passion. I recently moved to Gainesville.  I am attending Santa Fe College right now, and am not sure what I am aiming for. Either a pharmacist, or a physical therapist.  I am planning on transferring to University of Florida after attending two years at Santa Fe.

I want to go into the medical field, and bank. That is my goal.

I recently just moved out of my old building where I live and moved in somewhere else! I am very exhausted from moving and packing my car and unloading my car.