Today I went to school at 9.  I hate waking up early.  I had math for 2 hours, and then I had my speech class. It’s Tuesday so I am going clubbing again. I am doing all of my homework now and my stupid internet did not work.  I had to go drive to my friends house with all my stuff, and before I left some worker guys came and fixed my fan because the light switch does not work, and I am short and cannot reach the fan, so they put a longer string on my fan.


This weekend I am FINALLY going back to Jacksonville for the first time since I have moved here, and I am pretty excited about that. I get to see my family and all my friends which I am pretty excited about. I have lived at my mom’s house my whole life. 


Yesterday I had the BIGGEST KNOT in my hair. It was so huge. I had so much of my amazing conditioner and 2 hours of brushing the knot out. It was terrible.  I finally ended up getting my knot out. Whenever I had super blonde hair, I could NEVER brush my hair. It would always take me 30-60 minutes to get the knots out of my hair. I was told by my hairdresser that it’s because blonde hair has no molecules on the strands.


I seriously hate how hot it is. I cannot wait for the perfect weather to come!  I want to wear jeans and not be sweating, because if I wear shorts to class then I freeze. And jeans are just my favorite.   Out of all my clothes I definitely have the most of jeans.  The winter is to cold though, so this perfect fall weather needs to hurry up and come.

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