What I am doing


Right now I am sitting on my couch lonely because my roommates are still in school. I made some nacho cheese goldfish macaroni, and sadly it’s disgusting. And I am really hungry, eating this terrible macaroni.  My two best friends are coming down to see me today. One lives in Orlando and goes to UCF and the other one is in Jacksonville.  We are going to go clubbing tonight! Until then I will be very bored!!!!!! When they get here we are going to go through all our clothes and find the cutest things to wear, and do our hair and makeup.

I live in an apartment so me and the people below me have this thing where whenever I stomp really hard they come to my door, or if they bang on their ceiling they need us. It comes in handy. At my old apartment we would just do the same concept except go on our balconies and talk to each other like that. This apartment has the balconies screened in so we have to meet at our doors.

My macaroni was so disgusting I just threw it away. Now I am eating Pringles because I am very hungry. I am going to eat at Moe’s later with my best friend. Moe’s is the most amazing place to eat at.

In my speech class we have to do a speech on “how to” do anything, and I really want to do it on how to do a back handspring. My only problem is that I can’t do a back handspring and make a speech and teach at the same time, so I need someone to spot and demonstrate on but I don’t know anyone that knows how to do one. I guess I just have to come up with something else unfortunately.

Now I am just waiting to become unbored, and listening to a bunch of girls that locked themselves out of their house.

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5 thoughts on “What I am doing

  1. Haha nacho cheese goldfish macaroni actually sounds good! I also go to Santa Fe College, but I don’t know who you are. Maybe we could meet one day! Moes is also my favorite place to eat. I wish I could do a back handspring too!

    • It sounds good, that is why I bought it! It’s terrible! Back handspring the main thing to actually do it is your confidence. I had it down for a LONG time I just didn’t have the confidence until I actually got it down!

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