Terrible Week

This has been a super bad week.  It just has been terrible. I have been way depressed. I couldn’t even do my math homework, I couldn’t focus at all. Luckily I have four free homework and quizzes.

                I had the most amazing tacos today and yesterday. The only thing wrong was I put too much seasoning on the meat so it was super salty. I added pepper today and it was fine.

                I really don’t feel like writing this, but it’s a grade, so it is mandatory that I do.

I really can’t wait till next year.  My best friends are moving to Gainesville and we are all getting an apartment together. I live with random’s and they were already best friends so we don’t really hang out at all. Luckily I get to see them in a couple weeks. We are all going to go to Halloween horror nights. My best friend works at universal so she is going to get me a thirty percent discount on tickets. She also goes to UCF, so we are just going to stay in her dorm the whole weekend. On Friday we are going to hit up all the clubs, then Saturday night we are going to Halloween horror nights, and then Sunday we are just going to chill, and lay out at the pool.

                I am about to go work out.  I love working out, even though I am not good at it. I like releasing my stress out, and getting in shape. I love food, and eat all the time, so it’s important that I work out.  I really want to get a personal trainer.  I also miss tumbling, but I feel that it would be awkward if I did tumbling on the grass of where I live, because then people would just stare at me.

Word count: 307


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