Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping

                I love going to the grocery store. My favorite is Publix. One, because it is RIGHT by my house, and I hate driving because I am not good at driving, and two because I have been going there my whole life.

                The people there are super nice and kind. They always ask for help, even if you don’t need any. They also know exactly where everything is, so you don’t have to be in the store forever looking for the items that you need! 

                Even though Publix is an expensive grocery store I think it is worth it. They have great deals! I absolutely love getting buy one get one free stuff, or the buy two for whatever amount.  My mom taught me how to shop, and get all of the good deals.                  

                I can’t stand shopping with my father. He is a super smart man, and will spend hours in the store comparing prices of all the food and the ounces of the food. It was just so annoying, although he is saving a lot of money.

                I hate shopping without my mom though. Yes this is the first time living on my own, shopping and cooking on my own, so I have no clue what to buy.  I always call my mom when I go to the grocery store so she can tell me what I like and what to buy. 

                My mom makes amazing food as well.  I am a super picky eater, when I was little I had to take weight gain medicine because I wouldn’t eat anything. Thank goodness I am a somewhat healthy eater now.  I always call my mom to help me with recipes, and how to make certain food.  My grandma is also an amazing cook, but she cooks EVERYTHING! Meaning my picky self doesn’t like everything she cooks! She makes the best macaroni in the world!!!! It is to die for!


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