Today has been a bad day so far.  I have been on the phone over an hour with technical support people, and sadly I cannot understand accents at all. The person got pretty pissed off , because I kept on saying “what” every second. I bought a new laptop because my old one was really old and had viruses, and was super slow and wouldn’t work.  I bought a Mac computer, and I had to buy the code download for office word PowerPoint, and excel.   The place I had purchased it, said Office Mac was having trouble and it wasn’t their fault.  Funny thing is, that is exactly what Office Mac said, and I am STILL ON THE PHONE!!!!  I ended up going to best buy four times yesterday.  I had accidently scratched off the last two numbers with my penny to hard, so I had to go back and get a new card. Now this new card is INVALID!!!!!   This phone call keeps on hanging up, or putting me on the phone with people that I cannot understand at all.  I am so mad because I NEED word document for my homework.  Whenever someone answers my phone call keeps on getting dropped.  I am so hungry too, which is just making me even more grumpy, and the fact that the people across me keeps slamming their door so dang hard that the dishes in my cabinet are falling.  Can my day be any worse? I cannot wait to go to Orlando this weekend, for Halloween Horror Nights!  My best friend is coming, and she ABSOLUTELY hates scary things. She gets scared and cries.  She has never watched a scary movie before!   My other best friend is coming too, which is quite annoying because last time I went to a haunted house, she was half way in the haunted house and started balling and ran out from the begging, and I got left alone. 


Word count :324


One thought on “SO MAD!

  1. Same thing happened to me just two days ago, my word wasn’t working because of some kind of malware, so i called Microsoft’s technical support and they fixed it for me but charged me 50 bucks!

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