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Heart Surgery

               When I was one month old I had to get heart surgery.  The doctor’s told my parents that we should  wait longer for the surgery, but as worried parents they got me the surgery as soon as they could. Thank God for them, because if they would have waited I wouldn’t be here.  Therefore, I am a miracle baby. My surgery is called open heart pulmonary stenosis.  Honestly I couldn’t tell you what it is exactly, but my blood was not pumping through, and my heart was working way to hard.  They ended up removing a pulmonary valve from my heart.

When I am 23 I will have to get another heart surgery.  They will either make a valve out of my skin cells, or use an animal’s valve (pig ) in me, unless they invent something new.  Many people that I know, that have had the same surgery as me has a pigs valve. The struggle of having a pig’s valve is that you have to get surgery about every five years. Technology is crazy now.

I am scared to get surgery, but I am not scared right now. Reason being, 1, I don’t remember getting it the first time, and 2, I don’t have to get it yet! I have a couple of years to freak out.

Having this heart surgery enables me to do what I want.  I want to be a cheerleader so bad. It is my absolute dream.   I had all of my forms an essay, a physical and everything ready to be a Santa Fe cheerleader.  Unfortunately I have to many problems with my heart, and my liability so I cannot  do it.  I have never been an official cheerleader before, sadly.

Another thing that I want to do is modeling, but not with a huge scar.  You have to be very slim, and tall, and gorgeous. I have a huge scar so you can see it, which is not allowed.

One day once I get my heart surgery I will follow my dreams and become a DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADER! They are perfection, and it is and has always been my dream.  They are the best of the best cheerleaders, and their coaches are amazing! It would be an honor to be a DCC, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader!  For now, I will aim for my goal to be in FSU cheerleader.  I am a huge FSU fan.  It would also be amazing to be a college cheerleader for my favorite team, as well as one step up from becoming my ultimate dream, a DCC!

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