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Every year me and my sisters and my brother go to my dads for Thanksgiving. It was just been a tradition. My family from Atlanta comes down.  My dad doesn’t want to see any of my sisters or me at all. So therefore only my brother will be attending thanksgiving with him. So this year we will be with my mom, and we are going to go down to my granddads farm for Thanksgiving. I get to see his two kids, who are basically my cousins because they are my age, but are really my aunt and uncle. 

Anyway, last year my grandma has the worst food for Thanksgiving, there was nothing good. There was no chicken (my FAVORITE), no macaroni, no corn, and no bread!!!!! Those are the foods that make Thanksgiving. I personally don’t really like ham or turkey!  My grandma use to make the BEST macaroni ever, she would get noodles, then cut up different kinds of cheese and but butter in it, and then bake it till the cheese was sizzling! It is amazing. 

            My stepdads family is Italian, and Philippine, and I am pretty sure we will be going to there house, after we go to my granddads.  Italians, and Philippines, are very tan, and have dark features.  My mom is mixed with too many things. She is VERY pale, light blue eyes and blonde hair, and that is how her kids are.  Whenever we go to his family’s house it is like one side of dark hair, tan skin, dark colored eyes, and then it is us, blonde/light hair, blue/green eyes, and pale skin.  My moms wedding picture looked like that as well. All my mom’s family on the right were pale, blonde, and blue, and then on my stepdads it was dark, brown, tan!


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SO BORED, random things

Today I am super bored and hyper and have no clue what to even write about.  I am registering for my classes. It is very helpful to use rate my professor, so you can choose the easy, and best classes.  


I have to many clothes. It is going to suck when I have to move out because I have WAY to much stuff. It took me two hours to hang up more clothes that I brought from my mom’s house.  I love clothes so much, and necklaces.  I love shopping, but hate spending money, so I wait till I am with my mom to go shopping.  I have only been to the Oaks mall once, and I didn’t buy anything.


            I can’t wait for thanksgiving. I am probably going to go to Georgia, unless my family from Georgia comes. My dad always get us (my siblings) on thanksgiving, it has just been a tradition. Last year my grandma was slacking on the food though. Like no chicken, OR macaroni. I was pretty mad. She didn’t even have rolls!!!!!! Luckily I went to my boyfriends after and got to eat yummy Spanish food.  But it was a little bit awkward because I had to pray in front of everyone, and everyone prayed in Spanish so I couldn’t get a good thought of what my prayer should say. 


            Spanish people make good food. My favorite is pandebonos. I also love the steak with rice, and their chicken,and a lot of other things that I cant think of their names, because it is hard to remember.

            I have learned a good amount of Spanish. I cant understand it AT ALL, but I can say a few sentences, and phrases.

            OMG! On Halloween my boyfriend was wearing a mask, so know one knew what he looked like. He was trying to be funny and said trick or treat really loud, and then some Spanish guy (thinking he was big and bad) called him gay in Spanish! He went off on him, and the look on the Spanish guys face was priceless! He was terrified.


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