Every year me and my sisters and my brother go to my dads for Thanksgiving. It was just been a tradition. My family from Atlanta comes down.  My dad doesn’t want to see any of my sisters or me at all. So therefore only my brother will be attending thanksgiving with him. So this year we will be with my mom, and we are going to go down to my granddads farm for Thanksgiving. I get to see his two kids, who are basically my cousins because they are my age, but are really my aunt and uncle. 

Anyway, last year my grandma has the worst food for Thanksgiving, there was nothing good. There was no chicken (my FAVORITE), no macaroni, no corn, and no bread!!!!! Those are the foods that make Thanksgiving. I personally don’t really like ham or turkey!  My grandma use to make the BEST macaroni ever, she would get noodles, then cut up different kinds of cheese and but butter in it, and then bake it till the cheese was sizzling! It is amazing. 

            My stepdads family is Italian, and Philippine, and I am pretty sure we will be going to there house, after we go to my granddads.  Italians, and Philippines, are very tan, and have dark features.  My mom is mixed with too many things. She is VERY pale, light blue eyes and blonde hair, and that is how her kids are.  Whenever we go to his family’s house it is like one side of dark hair, tan skin, dark colored eyes, and then it is us, blonde/light hair, blue/green eyes, and pale skin.  My moms wedding picture looked like that as well. All my mom’s family on the right were pale, blonde, and blue, and then on my stepdads it was dark, brown, tan!


Word count:301


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